Membership Data

Family & Friends Classic
Family & Friends Classic
Basic membership for a family

As a part of this membership you receive:

  • 999999 Classic Tickets
  • 999999 Classic Dome
  • 999999 Classic Member Event
  • 999999 Classic A
  • 999999 Classic B
  • 999999 Classic C
  • 99999999 Total Pass Bundle
Benefits may change per price type!
  • Free general admission for two adults and all children/grandchildren (17 and under) in family, or, one adult and three guests
  • Free admission to the Daniel M. Soref Planetarium
  • Free members-only events (Halloween Hauntings & MPM Inside Out)
  • Invitation(s) to exhibit previews
  • Discount on camps and paid programs
  • Discount on parking in MacArthur Square garage ($5 flat-rate)
  • Free subscription to member magazine
  • Free Member News emails
  • Free admission to 300+ reciprocal museums
  • 10% discount on Museum shopping and dining
  • Free Clue Crew Explorer Guides

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