Membership Data

Family membership with extra benefits ($225)
Individual ‪$‬225.00

As a part of this membership you receive:

  • 999999 Sustainer Tickets
  • 999999 Sustainer Dome Film
  • 999999 Sustainer Member Events
  • 999999 Sustainer A
  • 999999 Sustainer B
  • 999999 Sustainer C
Benefits may change per price type!

Family level benefits plus:
-Free admission coverage for two adults and all children/grandchildren (17 and under) in family, or, one adult and three guests

-Free Dome theater tickets
-Free special exhibition previews
-Free Dome Theater preview nights
-Guest privileges for members-only events
-Four MPM guest passes
-Advanced registration for select public programs
-Additional member perks at select public events
-Caregiver/babysitter can bring member children
-Admission to 200+ additional museums

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